This is a form of an alternative dispute resolution, and it has gained large acceptance in the business world for the sole purpose of settling disputes.   It is an important aspect of your business, and it should be included when signing the contracts.  This allows both the aggrieved parties to work out on a plan of settling their cases out of court.  Because you will not attend the court sessions this will save you time and also the expenses involved in processing a court case.  However if the other party does not want to go through this process, you cannot force them to go through the arbitration process, and in this case, the legal channels have to be followed.  Some of the certified agencies that have been approved to listen to these cases included the American Arbitration Association.  There are also associations that are available, and they can also be used and identified in the contract.  The arbitration can be less expensive depending on the circumstances, as both the alternative dispute resolution providers and the arbitrators charge for the service.  This process is cost effective.  The alternative dispute resolution is a flexible process and also convenient to the parties involved because it saves them time and also it gives them the chance to decide on when, where and the time they will meet for the negotiations.


Research well for the most favorable state law.  When you choose a local state law you also will get a chance to  choose a preferred law firm within your locality to handle your case if you don't agree on the negotiation level.  Hire a mediator who is qualified and also if you don't agree and then you have to take the dispute to court the law firm should have your best interest at heart.



 Put some restrictions on your mediator from to be able to save on costs.  This can save you money and also time because he will not take a lot of time.  They can also opt for the reasoned decision, where in this case the judge gives their reasons for making this decision this depends on whether the case is complicated and will require explanations.  By deciding to do this allowing the judge this authority, you lose some of the control over cost, but it is important that you know the basis for the judge reaching that decision.   Restricting the appeal  will maximize the capability of settling the case before it even proceeds to the judge hearing. The parties can go through the objectives and consider the proposed contracts.  Both parties will come up with a mutual understanding with the assistance of a mediator from  The mediator should be impartial.  The settlement is reached privately and without involving the public because this is considered a private matter rather than public.  The binding arbitration, will allow both the parties to present their positions and also the evidence to the judge who delivers a decision which is final on both parties in the dispute.